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It’s Not Easy at Exit Art / Exit Underground. New York

It’s Not Easy is the second exhibition of SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics)
July 24 – August 29, 2008
OPENING Thursday JULY 24 7 -10 PM

It’s Not Easy is an exhibition inspired by the recent tidal wave of efforts to go “green”.As new buildings seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, as major corporations seek to “green” their practices, and as global warming puts the need to be green at the forefront, we are virtually inundated with social pressures to be environmentally sustainable. But how is the word ‘green’ really interpreted?
Exit Art asked that question to artists, activists and the general public to solicit their personal responses through email.

The photographs, texts, drawings, graphics and other works in It’s Not Easy are printed on 8½” x 11” recycled paper, giving equal – and sustainable – attention to each work. With over 300 responses, It’s Not Easy explores the multiplicity of cultural, environmental and political meanings of GREEN.

It’s Not Easy is the second exhibition of SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics), a major new exhibition program and archive initiative in Exit Underground that presents social and environmental issues and the way artists respond to them. SEA will occupy a permanent space in Exit Underground. The SEA Archive will be a permanent archive of information, images and videos that will be a searchable database for scholars and researchers. Central to the mission of SEA is to provide a vehicle through which the public can be made aware of this kind of work, to provide a forum for collaboration between artists and ecologists and to inspire them to continue the tradition of work that SEA presents.

For more information and list of artists particiating, go to Exit Art website >>

ExpoVíaFlorencia - Obras nuevas
Colectivo en 3 Escalas

Moises Fragela
Luis Ivorra
Brizaida Medina
Carmen Olmo-Terrasa

Día: Jueves 20 de septiembre de 2007
Hora: 6:30pm en adelante
Lugar: Miranda The Style Lounge
1131 Ave. Ashford, Condado

Días: 23 al 27 de octubre de 2007
Hora: 6:30pm en adelante
Lugar: Emporio Peroni
1302 Ave. Ashford, Condado
Horario: 11am a 6pm

Días: 1 al 9 de diciembre de 2007
Lugar: Fortezza de Basso, Florencia, Italia
6ta Bienal de Arte Contempoáneo de Florencia


"Top 40" Exhibit at L.A. Center for Digital Art

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
107 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Rex Bruce

The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art presents:

"Top 40"

March 8-31
Opening Reception
Thursday March 8, 7-9pm
(in conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk)

The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is happy to announce
the opening reception and exhibition for the winners of our
"Top 40" Juried Competition for Digital Art and Photography.

The show features 40 artists chosen among our entrants
representing a wide variety of styles, technological
disciplines and cultures. The exhibition is International
including work from as far as Finland, Germany, the United
Kingdom, Poland, South Africa, New Zeland, the Nedtherlands and Japan, as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The artists are:

Andreas Fischer
Andzrej P. Bator
Anne Finkelstein
Annegret Kellner
Bjorn Garbick
Blake J. Nolan
Brad Moore
Bryan Traylor
Carmen Olmo
Dale Harvey
Dan Irvine
Denise Siegel
Eric Smith
Erin Malone
Fernando Del Gado
Igor Morski
Ina  Johann
Ines Reingold
Isabel Seliger
Jack Tait
Jason Gottlieb
Jeff Murphy
Jerry De La Cruz
John F. Walte
John Lucas
Lance Ramoth
Laura Plansker
Lourdes Sosa
Max Tzinman
Michael Magoski
Michael Tyson Murphy
Patricia Sandler
Ronald T. Simon
Sean Bagshaw
Simon Yeomans
Steven Ramsey
Susan Burnstine
Tyler Golden
Yolanda Klappert
Yoshiaki Murakam

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